Girl laughing at Pioneers

Pursuit Groups

Designed for you to process and explore God’s plans and where you fit into them.

Pursuit Groups explore a variety of topics including the biblical basis for mission, discerning your calling and barriers to missions.

“I appreciated hearing what other peoples’ barriers were and then that helped me know that I wasn’t alone in how I was feeling and what I was going through.”

A, who joined a Pursuit Group in 2023, realized that the small group format was perfect for discovering how she could participate in missions.

What to expect from Pursuit Groups

Small Groups

Each group consists of five to nine participants, so the group members are able to build relationships while they discern how God is directing them.


Before each meeting, please read, watch, or listen to all the resources provided, unless directed otherwise in the lesson. You will work through the discussion questions with your Pursuit Group each week.

Weekly Gatherings

You’ll meet together virtually for five weeks to discuss the lesson. Each lesson contains about 30 minutes of reading and 45 minutes of listening.

Pioneers’ Purpose

You’ll learn how Pioneers empowers gospel-driven Christians to go to the ends of the earth together in relentless pursuit of the unreached.

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Are you a facilitator?

Plan for each meeting to be 90 minutes long. The first 15 minutes should be for getting to know one another and for prayer. Reserve the last 15 minutes of your time to close in prayer. The remaining hour is for content discussion.

Please read the Facilitator Training Document prior to your first meeting and review as necessary.