A global missions movement

Pioneers has 17 mobilization gateways around the world, all working together toward the common goal of seeing no more unreached people groups.

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A quarter century of service

In October 2022, a group of 70 international leaders from across Pioneers gathered face-to-face for the first time in several years. Pioneers Africa, now over 25 years old, hosted the gathering. In 2023, two more sending bases, Pioneers InAsia and Pioneers Australia, also celebrated 25 years of mobilizing mission workers from their regions to join Pioneers teams worldwide.

“I came away very thankful, once again, for the multi-national makeup of our Pioneers family and the strong bond that we have in Christ and His mission.”
—Steve Richardson, Pioneers-USA President

Mobilization snapshot: East Asia

God continues raising up laborers from across Asia. In 2021, a Pioneers base in East Asia sent its first nationally-led Mongolian team. In 2022, 12 Mongolian missionaries were sent to South Asia, Central Asia and Southeast Asia, and 23 more are being equipped to join them.

Mobilization snapshot: Middle East

We praise God for what He is doing through His people in Africa and the Middle East. Within weeks of beginning training with a Pioneers ministry in the Middle East one man was reading the Bible with six people from the majority religion, four of whom have already decided to follow Christ. He is amazed at how the Lord is bringing to him so many people in search of the truth and giving him the privilege of leading them to discover life in the Word of God.