GO for a lifetime

A Long-Term Pursuit

Go for over year or a lifetime and join one of our 400+ teams in more than 100 countries to help plant a church among the world’s least-reached peoples. From cities to jungles, the opportunities are limitless.

Long Term

“Pioneers helped me realize that my skills and talents can be used to share God’s message in a unique way.”

We live in a world of diverse peoples and cultures. God has also given each of us a unique set of skills, passions and abilities. So, we take the time to hear your story and help you find a fit based on how God is guiding your next steps.

We’ve written and gathered articles about various topics related to serving long-term

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Have questions about serving long-term with Pioneers?

Our team of Mission Mentors is ready to listen to your story, help you discern where God is leading you and pray for you in your next steps.