we are A Christian missions organization

You may not look like a typical missionary and that’s okay. We’re seeing God use all kinds of people in surprising ways to bring the gospel to a world still waiting to hear. Don’t let your questions stand in the way.

Go ahead.

Discover the Unreached

No gospel. No church. No nearby Christians who speak their language.

The unreached can be found in deserts and jungles, megacities and villages on every continent. They represent countless ethnic groups and come from every level of society.

So, what can we do about it?

Keep reading—we have a few ideas.

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Go with Pioneers

Going looks different for everyone. What could it look like for you?

You don’t have to have it all figured out. We help you connect your gifts, passion and calling with opportunities among those with the greatest need. Keep scrolling to see all the different ways and places you can go with Pioneers.

Go for a year or more
Long Term

Join one of our 400+ teams in more than 100 countries to help plant churches among the world’s least-reached people groups. Bring your unique skills, passions and abilities. The opportunities are limitless.

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Go for up to a year

Spend up to a year with an international team, mentored by missionaries. See for yourself what missions is like and how God can use you among the unreached.

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Go for a summer

Ready for an opportunity that could change your life forever? Our 8–12-week trips trips take you to the ends of the earth to work with Pioneers teams and share the name of Jesus.

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Not sure where you fit?

Talk to us to explore creative opportunities, from engaging the unreached with digital media—anywhere in the world—to taking your job overseas.

Our team of Mission Mentors is ready to listen to your story, help you discern where God is leading you and pray for you in your next steps.
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I will remember how encouraged and poured into I felt! I know that everyone wanted to equip me with everything possible to help me thrive moving forward. Thank you for investing in me!

– Anna

You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for all you do. Every time I come to Pioneers, I feel so much peace and SO well cared for. Seriously. Thank you all so much.


Support the Cause

No plane ticket required.

Taking the Good News to unreached people isn’t just about going. There are countless ways to support the cause from wherever you are. You can pray, give, raise awareness and get your church involved in preparing missionaries—and you can start today!