Women Around the World

Exploring the lives of girls and women at work




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June 10, 2022




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Check out this photo essay, Women Around the World: How would you pray for these women and girls? What do you think their needs, hopes and fears might be? What qualities might they bring to the Church?


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From construction to culinary arts ...

Around the world, some girls and women spend hours each day pounding grain, tending livestock, hauling water or firewood and preparing meals for their families. Others work full-time in demanding professions or launch businesses to make ends meet. Missionaries who seek to serve and share the love of God with busy women must be creative. They make the most of any moments to connect: offering and receiving hospitality, arranging children’s play dates, sharing chores and cooking or running errands together. Where opportunities for women are limited, Pioneers teams establish businesses that employ women and help them find purpose and dignity.

As you look at the images below, how would you pray for these women and girls? What do you think their needs, hopes and fears might be? Now think about these women following Jesus. Chances are most of them don’t know Him yet. What qualities might they bring to the Church and the kingdom of God?

A Burmese restaurant worker serves up a bowl of fish soup. She wears traditional thanaka paste on her face.


A doctor in West Africa treats a boy’s wound and changes the dressing. He cut his leg with a machete.


A teacher instructs a student at a school in South Asia. Both the teacher and the student are blind.


West African women carry bundles of firewood on their heads, children slung around their waists.


Thilashin, female novice monks, make their way through a vegetable market in Southeast Asias eeking provisions from faithful Buddhists in their community.


In South Asia, a young woman carries fodder for animals on top of her head. She’s walking barefoot.


A Chinese woman paints beautiful floral designs. Then, she sells her work at a local market.


In the mountains of South Asia, this young woman takes a break from pounding grain to look at the camera.


What is this woman in Himalayas doing? She is mixing concrete in a tub.


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