Encountering Muslims



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November 20, 2020

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Check out this project, Encountering Muslims: Encountering Muslims equips Christian leaders and churches to understand Muslims, communicate the gospel effectively and disciple new believers.


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Preparing believers for ministry among Muslims

Did you know there are nearly 1.8 billion Muslims, 86 percent of whom do not personally know a Christian who could share the gospel with them? This makes Muslims the largest unreached religious group in the world!

Yet, as believers struggle to reach out to Muslims, they often lack understanding of Islam and Muslim cultures. Encountering Muslims is a ministry of Pioneers that is filling this gap. The course equips Christian leaders and churches to understand Muslims, communicate the gospel effectively, disciple new believers and establish churches in unreached Muslim communities.

Encountering Muslims offers the course in three formats: traditional in-person classes, online classes and small-group cohorts. There are courses for speakers of English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean and Chinese. Many mission agencies, mission leaders and churches has used the course, which has equipped more than 45,000 people through more than 600 courses in 40 different countries since 1992.

Once trained, course coordinators and instructors can reproduce their own Encountering Muslims courses. Video resources also enable local facilitators to smaller classes without the cost and risk associated with bringing in outside instructors.

To learn more, visit

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