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Pioneers Media Outreach

“Go and make disciples of all the nations...” – Matthew 28:19



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November 1, 2023

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Check out this project, Pioneers Media Outreach: Digital media outreach provides an opening for the gospel like never before. You can help us break down barriers so the unreached can hear about Jesus.


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“Mahdi” began questioning his faith when he saw the president of his country, a Muslim, send troops to kill and enslave fellow Muslims.

When he met “John,” a Western aid worker, Mahdi asked John why he was there providing food, water and clothing to Muslims. John told Mahdi that he was a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ who asked His people to love and serve those in need.  “It’s not about me, Mahdi," said John. "It’s about Jesus Christ.” Mahdi thought deeply about John’s words. Why would this Jesus command His followers to act in such a peaceful way to those who weren’t Christians?

As life became more dangerous for Mahdi, he fled to another country. There, he realized it was safer to seek answers to his questions about Jesus. Mahdi searched online and soon found a Pioneers Media Outreach website. He contacted one of our digital responders and soon met face-to-face in a coffee shop. Mahdi spent two hours asking questions, then decided to join a Bible study group through which he eventually put his faith in Jesus.

Amazing opportunities

Today, as much as 86% of the world’s population has smartphones. This is a dramatic expansion of access to the internet globally. And 4.88 billion people—almost 61% of the world’s population—are estimated to use social media apps online. Through these means, we can transcend geographical boundaries to reach people like Madhi.

Media impact

  • On average, for every $30 Pioneers spends on media outreach, six people begin conversations with our missionaries and their partners.
  • If we can equip today’s more of the global missionary workforce to use these digital media strategies, experts predict they could engage one billion unreached people by 2025.  

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Will you help us give more people like Mahdi the chance to hear the gospel?

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