Preparing Arab-World Leaders for Ministry (PALM)

Groundbreaking leadership training in the Arab world



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February 2, 2022

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Check out this project, Preparing Arab-World Leaders for Ministry (PALM): PALM (Preparing Arab-world Leaders for Ministry) addresses the need of Arab world believers for discipleship and leadership development.


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PALM equips believers from a Muslim background with the tools and skills they need for ministry. Our vision is to see new believing communities in the least-reached places of the world standing firm in Christ and multiplying in number. So we prioritize leadership development. We train and mentor national leaders in the Arab world and beyond to teach, disciple and equip believers from a Muslim background towards church multiplication.

We train and support church leaders so that they can, in turn, train others (2 Timothy 2:2).

PALM provides discipleship and leadership training and materials. Our inductive Bible study curriculum is specifically written for and by believers from Muslim backgrounds. It disciples new believers to spiritual maturity and leaders to be equipped for ministry, where they live and serve.

About the curriculum

The PALM team has developed a discipleship and leadership training curriculum which can take a new believer from a basic knowledge of Christian doctrine and spiritual maturity to higher levels of biblical understanding and leadership preparedness.

Level 1: discipleship for new believers

This course enables believers to grow in their walk with the Lord, feed themselves on the Word of God, integrate into fellowship with other Christians and become disciple-makers.

Level 1: discipleship for oral learners

Our Oral Discipleship Program covers the same themes as the Level 1 course. However, it is specially designed for new believers who prefer oral communication and would rather learn in a group setting than individually. This includes learners who have a high level of education but who favor an oral learning style as well as those who have had limited schooling and may experience difficulties when following a written course and others who simply never learned to read. This program is particularly appropriate for groups of mixed educational levels.

Level 2: certificate in ministry

This program offers Bible-based advanced discipleship and ministry training. It is designed for those who have completed a basic discipleship program (Level 1 or other) and who want to grow in their knowledge of God and His Word. It helps equip them to serve the Church as small group leaders, teachers and elders. The program is equivalent to one year of study at a Bible college or institute.

“I love your discipleship program! When I became a believer, your course gave me the tools to go directly to the scriptures to find answers rather than depend on explanations from Christian experts. I want other believers to have access to these same tools. This is a great training program for church planting in remote areas in our context.” – house church leader in North Africa

Oral discipleship training: impact story

“I’m Karima, one of the participants who attended your orality training events. It was so practical and effective that I was compelled to take what I learned and use it back home in Algeria. I give monthly teachings to the local women at a rural church. Many are non-literate, even the younger ones.

“In one of my first sessions, we were studying Jesus’ temptation in the desert. To memorize the story, I encouraged the group to draw symbols on a board. The women were very hesitant at first. A few said they ‘had never held a pen in their lives.’ Eventually, an older lady stood up. Her hands were shaking—a combination of nerves, shame and determination. She gripped the pen and began drawing. I looked at the other women and saw their eyes widen with amazement as the eldest drew a legible symbol. One by one, they came up to the board and drew motifs to represent the verses.

“Once everyone had memorized the story using the symbols, I invited the elderly woman to the front again to retell the biblical passage. She retold the story with confidence and clarity. Suddenly, she began weeping.

“‘I thought I couldn’t learn. But now I know, we can all learn! We are all equal, those who went to school and those who didn’t!’

“As our sessions continued, their enthusiasm grew to the point they were pleading with me to meet weekly! I have seen the change in these women’s faces. What I learned through PALM has meant these women can participate and learn, just like everyone else. They feel incredibly valued and empowered.”

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