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Strategic Priorities Fund

“When I accepted Jesus Christ, 100% of my life was changed.” 



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April 4, 2023

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Check out this project, Strategic Priorities Fund: Support the strategic priorities of our mission in the world: recruiting, training, and sending missionaries who share the gospel with the unreached.


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You can play a key role in sending missionaries where no one else is going—to some of the most underdeveloped, impoverished and even hostile parts of the world. And you can make them effective by empowering them through the latest technology. Please partner with us as a donor to the Strategic Priorities Fund. This fund allows Pioneers to accomplish its mission around the world: to recruit, train, send, and sustain missionaries to the unreached.

Hungry for more

“Elias” is the youngest in a family of six. He grew up in a devout Muslim family, loved Islam and was hungry to know more. So, Elias began asking questions about God and spiritual things. He asked both his father and a leader at the mosque, but no one had answers that satisfied him. Eventually, Elias came to the point he couldn’t believe in Islam anymore. He began searching for answers online.

As Elias learned more about Jesus online, he decided to connect with us directly, came to faith in Jesus and is now following Jesus as a disciple.

Overcoming barriers

Like Elias, many people live in places where they cannot easily hear the Good News about Jesus. In fact, a third of the world’s population has little or no access to the gospel. In many unreached places, governments, radical groups and family or community opposition make it dangerous for believers to share their faith.

Yet innovations like the use of digital strategies help us overcome these barriers. The Kingdom is growing.

  • Last year, we used online strategies to connect with 28,013 spiritually open seekers.
  • 26,067 Bibles were downloaded.
  • Those who wanted to know more connected with one of our 3,000+ global staff or many partners.
  • Digital strategies led 3,121 people to profess their faith in Jesus.
  • As a result, local believers started 107 new Bible studies

You make these breakthroughs possible.

Last year, financial partners empowered Pioneers to recruit 130 new American missionaries and 78 missionaries from the Global South. These workers will serve and share the gospel among approximately 30 unreached people groups.

Each gift can help send another missionary and share the gospel with another person. 

  • $580 funds media ministry that typically moves four people to begin studying the Bible with a missionary. 
  • $250 provides the materials for training two new missionary candidates. 
  • For every $180 gift, we see 18 seekers download the Bible. 

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Partner with us to recruit, train, send, and sustain missionaries to the unreached.

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