Middle Ground (Part 1)

Rob goes to Central Asia


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October 10, 2016


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Check out this video, Middle Ground (Part 1): Rob, a friend of Pioneers, visits teams in Central Asia, experiencing culture and hospitality and seeing what God is doing in this “middle ground” between Europe and Asia


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May 1, 2024

Rob goes to Central Asia

Two thousand years ago, Central Asia was the world’s hub of activity and modernity. People passed through Central Asia with goods, stories, philosophies, religions and diseases. They traveled on a network of trade routes called the Silk Road. This region has known its share of power struggles and conflict. Genghis Khan of the Mongols, Peter the Great and the Russians, and, more recently the Soviet Union have ruled here. Central Asia is still a crossroads between ancient and modern, East and West, Europe and Asia, Christendom and the world of Islam.

We decided to send Rob—an Orlando native, musician and friend of Pioneers—to see how God is moving in this ethnically and culturally diverse region of the world. Follow along as he hears the stories of the people that the Father is drawing to Himself. In this second video of our Middle Ground series, Rob heads out of the city with Pioneers workers. They visit a mountain village and a traditional summer pasture where a shepherd tends his flock. Rob experiences both the rich hospitality of a meal with his hosts and the unsettling reality of what it took to make that meal possible.

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  • 00:00 — Rob embarks
  • 01:11 — Symbolism of the flag
  • 02:40 — Morning at the guesthouse
  • 03:30 — A trip to the market
  • 04:20 — Visiting a mountain village
  • 04:48 — Making a joyful noise
  • 05:40 — Experiencing hospitality

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