Longing to Be Whole: Hannah Prepares for Story Night

Hannah has been working through a study of the gospels. She is looking for passages to discuss with local friends she gathers for “story nights.”



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June 3, 2021


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Check out this article, Longing to Be Whole: Hannah Prepares for Story Night: Hannah has been working through a study of the gospels. She is looking for passages to discuss with local friends she gathers for “story nights.”


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Sometimes, the best way to take the scriptures to heart is to teach them to someone else.

A Pioneer named Hannah has been working through a study of the gospels. She is looking for passages to discuss with her local friends she gathers for “story nights.” Most of those who come have shown interest in Jesus, and some are actively pursuing Him. But Hannah also finds the Lord working in her own life as she grapples with what she sees in Scripture.

“I’m convicted by how many people had confidence that Jesus could change their lives,” she says. “Most of the time, they didn’t fully understand how much they needed Jesus, but they longed to be made whole.”

In each encounter, Jesus met people where they were and spoke life over them. He saw their physical needs and their spiritual ones.

“I wonder if I live with the same confidence—or desperation—we see in the Gospels?

  • Do I push through the crowds because I’m desperate to touch the hem of His garment? (Mark 5)
  • Do I risk everything to speak with Jesus during the cover of darkness like Nicodemus? (John 3)
  • And what about faith? Do I believe like the four men who lowered the paralyzed man through the roof because they knew their friend needed Jesus? (Mark 2)

Asking Jesus to work on someone else’s behalf

“I’m struck by how many times in these stories people asked Jesus to work on behalf of someone else,” says Hannah. Do I do the same thing? Do I pray with the same desperation for my friends? And do I walk with my friends to His feet so they can encounter His goodness?

“The same Jesus who walked this earth some 2,000 years ago is actively working today. I know from those stories He responds to those who come to Him. I’ll try to leave the details and the timing to Him, but I want to be faithful to cry out on behalf of those who are hurting, who don’t know His goodness and perhaps don’t even know they need Him.”

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Take the next step

More on telling Jesus stories

To see a gospel story through the eyes of someone who’s never heard it, read The Earth-Shattering Parable of the Prodigal Son.

Introducing people to the Bible is a big part of what most Pioneers workers do. We find nothing else has the power to touch people’s lives like scripture does. Read What Happens When a Widow Loses His Only Son.

Consider picking up a less familiar translation, listening to an audio Bible or watching scripture videos from a source like The Bible Project. What do you notice that you might not have seen before?

Pick out a story or two from the gospels that stands out to you. What are the key points? What are the important details? Practice retelling that story in your own words. Try it out on a friend or family member. Then pray for an opportunity to share it with someone who may not know it!

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