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Pioneers Report on God’s Relentless Pursuit



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October 22, 2018


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Check out this article, Stories of God at Work: We asked Pioneers around the world, “How are you seeing God’s relentless pursuit of the unreached in your context?” Read how they see God at work.


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“Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in all the earth,” the Father tells us in Psalm 46:10. We polled Pioneers members about how they see God exalted, God at work. We asked, “How are you seeing God’s relentless pursuit of the unreached in your context?”

Great interest in the gospel shows God at work

One Pioneer shared a story about a young entrepreneur from an unengaged, unreached group. This man has shown great interest in the gospel. “Our national teammate was able to host him and share very openly with him [and] asked if he understands and would like to follow Jesus.” He said yes! “We are very encouraged and pray that he will grow into a faithful disciple of Christ.”

Laborers for the harvest show God at work

Others see the increasing number of cross-cultural missionaries and local believers called to serve in their area as an indication that God is pursuing the hearts of the people there. “Never in history has there been this number of workers nor the openness to receive the good news.”

“Never in history has there been this number of workers nor the openness to receive the good news.”

Partnership in the gospel shows God at work

A newly appointed missionary returned to his church eager to share his vision with his church family. “My wife and I are excited to see people beginning to pray for the unreached we hope to be with in the future. We believe that part of our role as cross-cultural workers is to both inform and invite the body of Christ to be ‘world-class Christians.’ This takes a lot of work, but we are humbled to think God desires to use people like us to reach the nations.”

Hope rooted in God’s love shows God at work

Sometimes, the work of God is slow or imperceptible. “After being on the field for 14 years, sometimes it’s not easy to keep having hope that the people I’m serving will become Kingdom people,” one Pioneer confessed. “In a prayer time, the Holy Spirit challenged me, ‘Do you doubt my love for these people?’ …Although I don’t see the fruit, I can never doubt God’s love for the people I serve. This, in turn, gives me hope.”

“Although I don’t see the fruit, I can never doubt God’s love for the people I serve. This in turn gives me hope.”

Pursuit from one country to another shows God at work

Finally, a Pioneer in Africa shared that God has amazed him by sending dreams to the unreached and then putting Christian brothers and sisters in their path.

This Pioneer was studying French in Senegal when he became friends with a man from an unreached group. For a time, this man lived in another West African country, Sierra Leone. Sierra Leonean Christians had welcomed him and shown him love. Returning to Senegal, God sent him a dream of a little Sierra Leonean man praying with him. He recognized that the dream was from God.

And God was at work. The Pioneer didn’t know about the dream when he arranged to meet up with his friend. But he brought along a believer from Sierra Leone and was not much more than five feet tall. Prepared by the dream and his positive experience with believers, the man was ready to believe the gospel. And he gave his life to Jesus. He had seen the love of Christ through His people over and over and knew God was seeking him personally. Next, he went back home and planted a house church in his village, where he was welcomed back despite leaving his family’s religion. Currently, he is getting training on how to lead these new believers.

Our God is relentless in His pursuit of the lost!

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