Life in a Fishing Village in Southeast Asia

A rugged and refreshing life




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July 8, 2021




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Check out this photo essay, Life in a Fishing Village in Southeast Asia: Life in a coastal fishing village—in Southeast Asia, or really, anywhere—can be both rugged and refreshing. Can you picture God at work here?


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Praying for fishers of men

A Commnet photographer visited a fishing community in Southeast Asia and writes,

“Life in a coastal town tends to be less hurried than in the big cities. But a rugged fishing town has its own kind of harshness. In the country where I took these photos, more than 50 million depend on fish as their main source of animal protein. To put that in perspective, the average person there consumes 56 kilograms of seafood. That’s four times the average for a U.S. citizen. And many rely on fishing and aquaculture not only for food but for their livelihoods as well. Not surprisingly, nearly everyone I met along the waterfront of this coastal town was engaged in the fishing industry. Some ran small-scale operations. Others were part of larger commercial enterprises. From giant trevally, barracuda and king mackerel to sardines and shrimps of every imaginable variety, the waters of this land are truly a vital resource. As I interacted with local people, I couldn’t help but wonder about the similarities between this area and Galilee, where Jesus called His first disciples, also fishermen. Will you pray with me for fishers of men to come from this place and take their part in bringing the good news about Jesus to the nations?”

A fisherman holds his line, hand-fishing from the dock. His bait is a 6” fish on a heavy hook with a heavy line. He’s fishing for barracuda.


A man steers his small fishing boat piled high with nets. See the floats roped to the flag poles? Those will mark where the net is adrift in the water.


A woman cuts, cleans and salts the daily catch in a small-scale commercial fishing hut.


Fish is salted and cured in the hot sun.


A man pounds rope into the seams of his fishing boat. After that, he will seal the ropes with pitch.


A man in traditional attire walks toward the water in a small fishing village in the Western part of the country.


Fishing crews shelter their boats in a bay. You can see private and commercial operations on the shore.


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