Get Going

Prepare for your launch.

Launch is a required week-long training for new members and covers a variety of helpful topics. Most attend 3–6 months before their departure to the field.


“You don’t have to know where you want to go. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Just take the next step to explore God’s leading.”

—2023 Launch Attendee

Prepare for launch

Here’s what you can expect when you attend Launch.

You’ve been working hard to prepare for your life in cross-cultural ministry. At Launch, Pioneers will provide you with counsel, insight and training to best set you up for success.

Learn about Pioneers distinctives

By the end of the week, you’ll have gained insight on valuable topics such as church-planting principles, team dynamics, culture/language acquisition and more.

Corporate worship

We begin each morning with time in Scripture and worship as we surrender our lives and each day of Launch to God. These sessions set the spiritual tone for the week’s activities.

Personality type evaluation

So we can get to know you, too, we’ll have you meet virtually the week before the in-person sessions with a small group of current and former field workers who will discuss your application and interests. In addition, you’ll meet with a counselor who will review your psychological and personality assessments. These sessions help us understand you and create a personalized plan for your preparation.

Our goal is to see each Pioneer well equipped and emotionally healthy before leaving for the field.


Launch gives you time to connect with Pioneers staff, from coaches and Orlando-based staff to international missionaries, and, of course, 25-30 others also seeking God’s will in cross-cultural ministry.

Ask questions, gain wisdom and find clarity for your mission journey.


On the last day of Launch, we invite members of the Pioneers Mobilization Base in Orlando to join our Launch attendees for a luncheon, reflection on the week from attendees, a brief word of encouragement from Pioneers leaders  and a commissioning prayer.

Pack your bags and book your tickets! You likely won’t have much left to do once you complete Launch.

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Attend Lauch

Launch is only for Pioneers appointees  who are preparing to go to the field. If this is you, your pre-field coach will help you determine when it would be best to join us for your final pre-field training event.