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November 16, 2018


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Check out this opportunity, Launch Teams: On a launch team, you can land to focus on language and culture, mentored by long-term church planters, before you go to a new location.


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Beginning a new life in a foreign culture is daunting, but Pioneers has a solution—launch teams.

Launch teams are a landing place for new Pioneers who want to be mentored by long-term church planters before starting or joining other teams. On any Pioneers team you join, you spend your first two years focusing on language and cultural adjustment. Being on a launch team, however, allows you to pursue these important parts of your training alongside others new to the area and exploring their long-term options.

We have launch teams operating in diverse locations like these:

  • near tribes in the jungles of South America
  • among the Hindus and Muslims in a busy South Asian city
  • in the Middle East and Southeast Asia
  • at the heart of Buddhism and Shintoism in Japan
Get started on a launch team without the pressure to make every decision up front.

Who are they for?

Joining a launch team is a good option for people who know God has called them to long-term mission service but are not sure where exactly to go or what to do. It requires a two-year commitment. During that time of language and culture training, team members get the opportunity for mentoring by experienced church planters, space to explore service opportunities and time to find a fit with a permanent team. Additionally, this experience benefits long-term teams who receive people who speak the local language and have adjusted to the culture.

Is a launch team for you?

Angela, who was part of a launch team in North Africa, said what she appreciated most about her experience was that she had the chance to adjust to the culture without the pressure of making every decision upfront.

“My launch team allowed me time to see how I fit into the culture without trying to make the culture fit what I wanted to offer. And I had great mentors who coached me through the process.”

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If you are interested in getting this kind of on-the-field training on one of about 30 launch teams, start your application now.
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