The Church Partnership Team invites you to participate in “The Greenhouse:” an interactive experience designed for churches and leaders who want to cultivate and nurture a greater missions engagement at their church. As you interact with missions coaches, consultants and church leaders in these online workshops, we will tackle themes including the “soil” of biblical missions passion, the “seeds” of gospel-driven discipleship and the “fertilizer” of clear missions definition. Together we’ll answer the question, “What does it look like to be an engaged sending church?”

Upcoming Workshops

Fertilizing the Soil: Define Missions

Session 2 | December 3 @ 1 PM EST
 | Matthew Ellison, Sixteen:Fifteen

Why is clarity in terminology critical to your church’s global engagement?

51% of Christians in North America do not recognize or understand the Great Commission! What is missions and why does it matter? If you desire to send workers to the nations, how will you answer these questions? Good soil is necessary to produce good fruit. The “fertilizer” of a clear missions definition will enhance the soil and determine the health of missions in our churches.

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Planting the Seed: Gospel-Driven Discipleship

Session 3 | January 12 @ 1 PM EST | 
Jeff Lewis

What is gospel-driven disciplemaking and why does it matter?

The seed is the gospel. The way that disciples are developed in our churches is critical to church engagement in missions. If Jesus was serious when He said, “Go and make disciples of all nations,” then how we make disciples locally will affect the disciples we make globally. In a culture that has lost its biblical moorings, gospel-centered discipleship is crucial for sending to the unreached. Gospel-driven discipleship is vital and will define the fruit of missions ministry.

Selecting Your Container: Prepare for Growth

Session 4 | February 25 @ 1 PM EST | 
Jeff Lewis

What is your church’s plan for cultivating Christians who will be disciplers of the nations?

In an era of individualism and consumerism, missions is seen as applicable to only the select few in our churches who will be the “goers.” But we see in local churches, such as the church at Antioch in Acts 13, that significant, deep and meaningful engagement of the entire church is imperative in this process.