The Church Partnership Team invites you to participate in “The Greenhouse:” an interactive experience designed for churches and leaders who want to cultivate and nurture a greater missions engagement at their church. As you interact with missions coaches, consultants and church leaders in these online workshops, we will tackle themes including the “soil” of biblical missions passion, the “seeds” of gospel-driven discipleship and the “fertilizer” of clear missions definition. Together we’ll answer the question, “What does it look like to be an engaged sending church?”

Upcoming Workshops

Transplanting: Sending Disciples of Apostolic Calling

Session 12 | Speaker: Josiah Bellflower
October 14, 2021 1:00 PM

What is the partnership between a “sent one” and their sending church?

The church at Antioch—in concert with the Holy Spirit—sent and released Paul and Barnabas for the work to which God had called them. Australian church leader Archbishop David Penman said, “No local church can afford to go without the encouragement and nourishment that will come to it by sending away its best people.” How are missionaries sent well? What is the core of a healthy sending partnership? We will discover the blessing and privilege of transplanting qualified people to the nations for God’s glory.

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Nurturing: The Pastor’s Hand in Missions Development

Session 13 | Speaker: Rev. Mitchel Lee
November 11, 2021 1:00 PM

What role do pastors have in developing a heart/passion for missions in the local church?

Shepherding and discipleship of the flock is the primary goal of pastoral ministry. It is also critical to the development of missions vision and passion in the church. Without the influence and encouragement of key pastors, a thriving missions engagement will never reach its true potential. How can local church pastoral leaders grow an effective missions vision? What ingredients are required to develop a greenhouse at your church to send cross-cultural workers?

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