Missionary tools for a digital world

Pioneers Media empowers global workers among the unreached, helping them connect with people searching for truth.

“My life has been transformed by the power of God’s Spirit,” says Karim. “And it all started with a click on the internet.”

The internet has connected every corner of the earth. Websites and social media platforms provide new means for us to reach people like Karim.

Pioneers Media has been using digital media to share God’s love with seekers for years. Now, they are coaching other missionary teams to do the same. These strategies can result in missionaries meeting with two to 10 times as many spiritually open people as in the past.

Making connections

People in unreached communities lack access to the gospel. Even those who know Jesus have limited opportunity to grow in and share their faith.

Missionaries, meanwhile, spend decades looking for people receptive to the gospel, especially those who will share Jesus with others.

Pioneers Media helps them bridge the gap by:

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What is media outreach?

You can help multiply media ministry

When you donate to Pioneers Media Outreach, your gift helps us connect with hundreds of spiritually open contacts who are then introduced to Pioneers missionaries and their local partners for effective follow-up.