Launch Teams

Exploring the Land Beginning a new life in a foreign culture is daunting, but Pioneers has a solution—launch teams. Launch teams are...

Video – Ministering to the Marginalized

Seventeen people in Anika’s village recently came to faith.

Like to Get Your Hands Dirty?

Many Pioneers teams need people with skills in agriculture to open doors and meet the needs of unreached people groups around the world.

Everything about Everything

Merely two thousand miles from home and light years from anything even vaguely familiar, Anne and her family learned about and shared the One Who knows everything.

What about Raising Support?

In this article, part of a series on barriers to serving in missions, a Pioneer shares how he’s come to appreciate the privilege of raising support.

Photo Essay – Central Asia

Join a photographer on his journey to the where the ideals of the Soviet past and traditional culture meet the modern age and an increasingly global marketplace.