Are Missionaries Just Colonizers in Religious Clothing?

Plus more unexpected questions about missions



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December 15, 2022


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Check out this video, Are Missionaries Just Colonizers in Religious Clothing?: In this roundtable video, former field workers and mission leaders shared what’s true and maybe not so true about mission perceptions.


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May 1, 2024

Watch our missions roundtable discussion

Are all missionaries colonizers just trying to put a Starbucks on every mountaintop? Are missions harmful to other cultures? And are Western missionaries becoming obsolete? Some people seem to think so.

In this roundtable discussion, hear from former missionaries, Pioneers president Steve Richardson and a pastor about what they think on these hot topics. The whole video is about 40 minutes long but divided into short chapters (see timestamps below). If you enjoyed this one, be sure to watch our Mission Roundtables and subscribe to our YouTube channel.​

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  • 00:00 — Is missions harmful?
  • 07:57 — Are missionaries special, holy people?
  • 10:09 — Are Western missionaries obsolete?
  • 13:38 — Are most missionaries in remote locations?
  • 16:45 — Is missions failing?
  • 22:15 — Counting the costs and spiritual warfare
  • 33:39 — Wrap up

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