Elyse Talks About Life on the Edge

Experience daily missionary life.


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January 13, 2022


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Check out this video, Elyse Talks About Life on the Edge: When Elyse was 24, she went on an adventure around the world. She wanted to experience what real daily missionary life was like. And so can you.


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May 1, 2024

What does a Pioneers short-term mission trip look like?

“When I was 24, I went on an adventure around the world… and so can you,” says Elyse. “Every year, thousands of college students go on short-term mission trips. Some go to build a school, some go to just travel the world, but for me, I wanted to experience what real daily missionary life was like.” Follow Elyse on her journey to Ghana and the unexpected lessons she and her team learned about serving God among the unreached. Check out our Edge destinations.

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  • 00:00 — Meet Elyse
  • 00:26 — I decided to go to Ghana
  • 00:36 — What my Edge coach was like
  • 00:50 — What orientation was like
  • 01:10 — Off to the unknown!
  • 01:25 — It didn’t turn out like I thought
  • 01:55 — Learning what ministry really looks like
  • 02:20 — Being a disciple
  • 02:35  — Debriefing
  • 03:00 — Why go the unreached?

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