How Aisha Found Jesus on Facebook

Pioneers media outreach helped a Muslim woman get answers to her spiritual questions.


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February 22, 2022


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Check out this video, How Aisha Found Jesus on Facebook: Aisha had little access to the gospel, but she had a lot of questions. See how a digital media ministry met her where she was and helped her find a new way.


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May 1, 2024

Pioneers media ministry showed Aisha a new way.

All over the world, Pioneers teams are linking arms with digital media experts, local churches and other cross-cultural ministry teams. Together, they harness creative media to find and connect with that needle in a haystack—the person God has prepared to respond to the gospel message and share it with those around them.

“I’m really trying hard to understand both the Bible and the Quran. I try to follow all the religious laws of Islam. But I also want to understand the Bible because it is God’s Word, too.” —Aisha

Take the story of Aisha, a woman living in Southeast Asia. Aisha had little access to the gospel. But she had a lot of questions. Because she came from a Muslim background, she found it hard to believe that Jesus can really save people from their sins.

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  • 00:00 — Meet Aisha
  • 00:48 — How the internet reaches a village
  • 01:04 — Aisha’s first big question
  • 01:20 — Aisha’s second big question
  • 01:55 — How Pioneers media outreach works

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Rafik, an Area Leader with Pioneers in North Africa, shares stories of Muslim seekers coming to faith.

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