A Reservation Prays for the Bearer of Light

A missionary’s illness and a chief’s dream open up relationships on the reservation



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October 14, 2015


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Check out this article, A Reservation Prays for the Bearer of Light: Dave was kicked off the reservation and found himself fighting for his life in the hospital. Why would God allow him to arrive at such a difficult place?


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Sometimes, you have a bad day. And some days, it seems like everything in your life is falling apart. That’s what happened to Dave. He found himself fighting for his life on a stiff hospital bed, his wife and children at his side, wondering how and why God would allow him to arrive at such a difficult place.

After serving faithfully for years among a First Nations Tribe in Canada, seeing no ministry fruit, the past few months had been excruciating. The leaders kicked him off the reservation, teammates left the team and now he was struck with a mysterious, life-threatening illness. Where did he go wrong?

Coming in and out of consciousness, he woke several times to find gifts—thoughtful, generous gifts—left by members of the reservation. What did they mean? Could they really be from the reservation?

Called to pray

Clarification came with the unexpected arrival of the chief. Astonishingly, while Dave was fighting for his life, this leader had a dream. In the dream, his reservation was in utter darkness. Smothered by the darkness, the chief saw a man walking toward the reservation carrying a light. As he entered, the light spread throughout the reservation, bringing warmth and wisdom. The leader approached the light bearer and recognized him as Dave. From the moment the leader woke up and shared this story, the reservation began praying for Dave’s full recovery.

Since then, Dave recovered fully and received a welcome back to the reservation. In addition, many people—including the reservation’s previously notorious drug dealer—have come to faith! Apparently Dave “accomplished” more lying on that hospital bed than at any other time. Or at least, God’s Spirit did.

If you are anything like me, you often overlook the vast needs on this side of the world. Dave is just one example of many who serve faithfully in these highly complicated and often incredibly dark places.

Would you consider serving among one of North America’s First Nations tribes?

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