What percentage of my gift actually goes to the missionary?

Before missionaries begin serving on the field, we retain 10% of every contribution for administrative expenses. These include the cost of receipting gifts, sending donor statements and maintaining legal compliance with our financial activity. Once they are overseas, we retain an additional 2% for international leadership. This provides care and accountability for missionaries and missionary teams.

How are Pioneers missionaries paid?

Pioneers is a faith-based mission in which the majority of personnel depend on the Lord for the provision of their paycheck. Teams of churches and individuals partner together with each worker to provide their necessary prayer support, salary and work expenses. That said, they are also employees of Pioneers. Each month they receive a set salary that is determined by the needs of their family and ministry and the standards of living in their part of the world. Regardless of fluctuations in the amount of donations received, they receive the same salary each month, provided the funds are available. All the gifts given to support missionaries are available to them if they have special ministry needs above their salary.

Are there fees related to credit card transactions?

We deduct a 2.5% fee from each credit card gift to cover bank credit card fees.

What do I do if I’m having trouble setting up a recurring gift using the website?

You can click on the chat icon on the bottom of your screen to communicate with a representative, call us at 407-581-7458, or email our Donor Services Team.

How do I cancel my recurring gift?

To cancel your monthly or quarterly giving, log in to your profile page and click on the edit icon. You may also contact Donor Services at 407-581-7458.

How do I give by check?

Make your check payable to Pioneers and enclose a note stating the name of the missionary or project you wish to support and their account number. Please include your name, phone number, email address, and mailing address if it differs from the return address on your envelope. You can mail the contribution to this address:

P.O. Box 621329
Orlando, FL 32862-1329

Can I give directly to Pioneers’ general fund?

Yes. Only one-third of Pioneers’ annual budget is covered by the contributions given to our missionaries. Therefore, we depend on the Lord to provide the remainder of our operating expenses from other sources. To designate your donation for this purpose, indicate “Strategic Priorities Fund” when you give your gift, or give to our Strategic Priorities Fund online right now.

Are my gifts tax-deductible?

Pioneers is registered as a 501(c)(3). Donations for missionary support, global projects, and Pioneers’ Strategic Priorities Fund are tax-deductible. According to IRS guidelines, such gifts remain under the jurisdiction and control of Pioneers. Personal gifts (such as those given at Christmas or birthdays) can be given to missionaries. The words “non-tax-deductible” should be written on the check, however.

How do I give a missionary a personal, or non-tax-deductible, gift?

To give a personal, non-tax-deductible gift to a missionary at Christmas time or other special occasions, make your check payable to Pioneers. Write “non-tax-deductible” on the memo line. This check must be separate from your regular support check to ensure that 100% of your gift can be given to the missionary. Personal gifts from individuals are limited to $600 per year. Please write Non-tax-deductible PG on the memo line. Churches are unable to give personal, non-tax-deductible gifts (see below).

Can a church give a missionary a personal gift?

Because churches issue tax-deductible receipts to individuals to collect funds, we cannot process donations from churches as personal, non-tax-deductible gifts. All gifts from churches that say “Christmas” or “personal” will be designated to the missionary’s account as extra donations.

How do I make a gift “in memory of” or “in honor of” someone?

Simply indicate this intent when you give your gift by check. We are currently unable to designate gifts “in memory of” or “in honor of” through online giving.

How can I update my contact information?

You can update your contact information online. If you don’t have an online profile, please email your address, phone, or email address changes to the Donor Services Team.

How do I change my credit card number and expiration date?

You can adjust your Recurring Gift Settings online. Otherwise, you can call Donor Services at 407-581-7458 to make any changes to your credit card or EFT giving.

Can I receive my receipts electronically?

If you give monthly or quarterly via EFT, credit card or online bill pay and would like to receive your receipts by email, please contact Donor Services.

Why does it look like my donation went to “Unassigned Account”?

When you first give online, your first acknowledgment may say that the donation went to “unassigned account.” This refers to the donor account, as the system matches your gift with your donor account rather than the designation of the missionary or project. Does your acknowledgment that follows show the wrong gift designation? You can click on the icon on the bottom right to communicate with a representative, call us at 407-581-7458 or email Donor Services.

Why can’t I see my giving history?

When you first create an online account your giving history may not be available. Please give at least 72 hours for your giving history to link with your online account. If after 72 hours it still has not, please email Donor Services or call us at 407-581-7458.

I mailed you a check, why have the funds not come out of my account?

Paper checks will always take longer to process than electronic transactions like recurring credit cards or EFTs. If funds haven’t been drawn from your account more than a month after you’ve written it, please email Donor Services or call us at 407-581-7458.

Why can’t I see missionary names or numbers?

We intentionally leave missionary names and project numbers off the website for their safety.

What financial accountability does Pioneers have?

Read about our accountability standards.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

If you have any questions or if we can help you further in any way, please connect with us using the chat icon on your screen below, email Donor Services, or call us at 407-581-7458.