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Arab 22 Campaign Report

With your partnership, we are bringing the light of Jesus to millions of people in the world’s 22 Arab countries.

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Read on to see what God has done through these efforts. You can also download this report as a PDF.

A Tunisian man stands next to his produce stall of radishes and lettuce.

Planted in God’s Truth

Jeremiah 17:7-8 says, “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him. They will be like a tree planted by the water…” God has provided a unique way to reach people through digital media strategies. Because of donors like you, people throughout the Arab world are planting their roots in the life-changing truth of the gospel every day.

“Daamir” is one of those people. Daamir lives in Iraq and has left everything behind to follow Jesus. We have been in touch with Daamir since early 2020, answering his questions and concerns and supporting him as he studies the Bible.  ​

​We have been able to connect him with local believers in Iraq, and he has now been baptized! We are so grateful for Daamir and his steadfast commitment to his faith. These are the words he shared with our team: ​

​_“I searched in Islamic books for long periods and read about many other religions. But when I read about the life of Jesus, I couldn’t find any hint that pushed me to doubt.”_ ​

We thank you for your generosity as it has created more ways for people like Daamir to hear the gospel!

Lives Changed for Kingdom Impact

From January to June 2022:

  • 6.4 million people were reached on Facebook, which means we are almost halfway to our goal of reaching 14 million Muslims.
  • More than 8,000 people have been in active contact with our responders, messaging with them online.
  • 6,027 Bibles were downloaded or sent to seekers.
  • 316 people our team members are working with connected face-to-face.
  • These efforts have led to 123 people coming to faith in Christ!


Muslims celebrated the holy month of Ramadan from April 1 to May 1 this year. During this time, 14 men and three women across the Arab world professed faith in Christ, and three new believers were baptized! Thank you for your steadfast prayer for sincere seekers to encounter Jesus during this season.

“I gave my life to Jesus and left my old beliefs and family to start afresh for Him.”


American donors have given more than $573,000!

This means that…

  • New platforms like TikTok have been integrated into our ad campaign strategies.
  • We developed a video project to showcase the historicity and authenticity of the Scriptures.
Middle Eastern man with mustache smiling at camera

Encouraged Through Community

“Dr. Akeem” is a professor in the Arabian Peninsula and a new follower of Christ. In his first few months as a believer, he felt very isolated in his new faith. ​

Earlier this year, Dr. Akeem came across our Arabic website. He connected with “Nada,” one of our responders, who introduced him to other new believers like himself. Because he was so isolated, Nada connected Dr. Akeem with one of our Zoom discipleship groups. ​

Dr. Akeem has flourished in this online community, and he is now preparing to lead a new online Zoom group, giving him the chance to share the truth of Jesus with people just like him!​

Through your partnership, Dr. Akeem had the opportunity to connect with other believers and grow in his faith. Please pray for Dr. Akeem to lead his group well and that more seekers will hear the gospel through believers like him.

Thank you for your partnership!

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