Starting From Scratch

Baking, Jesus and missions?


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April 1, 2022


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Check out this video, Starting From Scratch: A young missionary from America has two passions: baking and Jesus. Watch as Lindsey figures out how to combine the two in France.


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May 1, 2024

A young missionary from America has two passions: baking and Jesus. Lindsey figured out how to combine the two in France, one of the epicenters of the culinary world. Baking together allows Lindsey to share Christ with people  uninterested in religion but looking for rich community.

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  • 00:00 — A world of contrasts
  • 01:55 — Baking to connect
  • 03:43 — Addressing the question
  • 05:48 — Going deeper
  • 09:05 — “I am the truth.”

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Listen to our conversation with Lindsey, an American baker in France, on the Relentless Pursuit Podcast.

What kinds of specialized skills do you have that could be used to share Christ? Contact us to talk  about how you might fit on a team working among people with little access to the Good News.

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