Serving Healthcare Workers During a Crisis

Pioneers Family Provides Protective Gear for Hospitals and Clinics

By Chelsea F.

When Jesus fed 5,000 people, He had only five loaves of bread and two fish. But after He looked up to heaven and gave thanks, God multiplied the bread and fish abundantly. Everyone who ate was satisfied, and they even had twelve baskets left over.

A couple in Southeast Asia has experienced this multiplication of abundance as they faithfully respond to COVID-19 in their community. Their city is home to many clothing factories, and some of these factories have started to make and sell protective “hazmat” suits for $7. Since many of the hospitals lack the equipment to take precautions with COVID-19, this missionary couple decided to buy 100 of these suits so they could give them to the hospitals for free.

God Multiplies Partners—along with Suits and Other Supplies

Word about their purchase quickly spread throughout their community and beyond. People started asking if they could contribute to the couple’s suit purchase. Eventually, enough people became involved to where the couple could buy 1,000 suits instead of 100. Soon, they were able to buy 1,350 suits.

But with all these suits, the couple needed a place to safely package them before shipping them to hospitals. Hearing about this need, the place where they attend language school allowed them to use their facility for packaging.

Now, more hospitals are placing requests for suits. They need a little more than 1,000. But even as these demands increase, God continues to provide and multiply the resources. Right as they receive requests, the ministry also receives the extra help and needed funds. Clothing companies have shown up with samples to consider using for this process. A man from their church told them he could make 500 face shields each week and give them to the couple for free. One hospital was in desperate need of masks. The couple searched across their network and found someone who could supply 200 of them.

The Lord seems to be multiplying the funds for this ministry. Right as a request comes in, money will come in from a church, business or supporter to match the new need.

So far, they have arranged to ship 1,700 suits and 500 face shields to more than 46 hospitals and clinics. Each package has a card that shares the love of Christ with the recipients. In addition, 60 volunteers have written 400 messages of hope and placed them in personal protective equipment packages.

This couple’s story is truly a sweet reminder of how God provides when we work together and remain faithful to His calling.

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