Video: Refuge – a Sudanese Refugee Story

“I encourage everyone who doesn’t know truth to seek it out. And this truth will set them free.” – Mahdi

The wars had been going on all his life, so Mahdi fled Sudan for Egypt. And he brought with him questions, questions about why people would kill one another in the name of God. That’s what was happening in Sudan.

Disillusioned with the faith he’d been raised with, Mahdi started looking for a new way.

In our newest video, Mahdi and his wife, now living in France, tell their story in their own words. Hear how media outreach made a difference, why Mahdi decided to follow Jesus and how that led to the launch of more than 50 house churches across Egypt.

Also watch a related video in which we hear more from Hanedi, Mahdi’s wife.

Amazing Opportunities

Today, as much as 86% of the world’s population has a smartphone. This is a dramatic expansion of access to the internet globally. And 4.88 billion people—almost 61% of the world’s population—are estimated to use social media apps online. Through these means, we can transcend geographical boundaries to reach people like Madhi.

“There are places where people had never heard of Christ who can now hear because of cell phones,” says Mahdi. “And I expect that technology in the future will make it possible to spread the Word of God to everyone across the world—to all the people.”

Going Deeper

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