Video: Devout – a Sudanese Refugee Story

Mahdi Wasn’t the Man She Married

It was 2018 when Hanedi’s husband, Mahdi, told her he wouldn’t be fasting during Ramadan with her that year. And that was only the beginning. She found things on his phone she didn’t like. And, as she realized what had happened, she felt as if the sky had come crashing down on her. Mahdi had become a different person. He wasn’t the man she knew. Her response was to become more devout, going to the mosque with her son to pray. After all, somebody had to. Otherwise, what would happen to their family?

In our new video, Hanedi, a refugee from Sudan, shares the story in her own words. Hear about the new things she saw in her husband and how she eventually responded. Mahdi and Hanedi now live in France. He shares more of their story in our video Refuge – A Sudanese Refugee Story.


“Even if I started a fight, Mahdi would remain calm. I realized that the God Mahdi is worshiping is a God of peace. A God who brings comfort. So I decided to follow this God Mahdi is following.”

Going Deeper

Are you surprised that Hanedi’s initial response to the Christian message was to try to become a better Muslim? This pattern is not uncommon. Some people double-down on the faith they were raised with because they see Christianity as a threat. Others get to know someone who follows Jesus and try to find the same peace and purpose that person has through their own tradition. Either way, such devotion may be a significant step on a journey toward following the way of Jesus.

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