Dreams and Stolen Gospels

Encounters with Jesus Change Everything



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April 21, 2016


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Check out this article, Dreams and Stolen Gospels: Sick and desperate, she called out to Jesus for healing. And He showed up. Later she found that God had already been speaking to her husband.


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Have you heard stories about Muslims around the world who are having dreams and visions of Jesus? One Pioneers couple heard such a story from an employee. And they saw the transformation firsthand.

She felt dizzy and weak, having been unable to keep food down for over a week. Would Donnie and Danielle fire her because she was too sick to return to her job as a housekeeper in their home? Nurul worried that she was dying.

Out of the blue, Nurul received a phone call from a Christian woman who followed Jesus after He brought her out of a coma. She told Nurul that she would pray for Jesus to heal her and give her a dream of Himself.

Asking for healing

Fearing for her family’s livelihood and her own life, Nurul lay on her bed and began to pray, “Isa al-Masih (Jesus the Messiah), if you are really King of the world, would You heal me like You healed my friend? I am so sick, and I can't take care of my family. Come heal me.”

Then she slept.

Jesus came to her in her dream.

A man in white shook her from her sleep, saying, “Nurul, get up now. Get up and eat. You are well.”

“What should I eat?” she asked him.

“Eat whatever you want,” he continued. “You are well. Eat now.”

She asked her son, who had been napping beside her, if he had seen the man, but he had no idea what she was talking about.

Her stomach began to growl with hunger, “like a pregnant woman.” She ran to the street to buy food.

When her husband, Eko, came home, he said, “You look so beautiful! What happened?” She told him about her dream. He fell to his knees and wept, thanking Isa al-Masih for restoring her health.

He stole copies of the Gospel of Luke

After she told Donnie and Danielle her story, Donnie asked her, “Now what?”

“We believe.” She hesitated. “Actually, my husband has been reading about Isa al-Masih for the last month.”

“Actually, my husband has been reading about [Jesus] for the last month.”

Donnie and Danielle were surprised but delighted to hear her explanation. Eko had been helping them on occasion as a handyman in their home. One day, while working in their home office, he found several copies of Luke in his own language. While no one was looking, he stole a copy to read for himself. God’s Word and Jesus’s appearance to Nurul brought them to faith.

Are you interested in talking with people about their dreams and visions of Jesus? Maybe you want to help them get hold of God’s Word in their own language. Let us help you get there.

Donnie and Danielle are Pioneers who work in Southeast Asia as church planters, seeking to share the gospel and build new gatherings of seekers and Christians. Please pray for Donnie and Danielle as they help this couple grow in their new faith. Ask God to help Eko and Nurul have the courage to share their story and faith in Jesus with other family members and neighbors.

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Read about what happened when a Pioneer asked his barber, “Have you ever had a dream you thought was from God?”

As Marcos slept, he dreamed. A man appeared who lifted him from darkness into a place of light. And in the shadows, he saw a jaguar.

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