Mission Mobilization: Spring 2023 Update

This mobilization campaign has raised $1,458,289 to date.

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March 23, 2023


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Through your partnership, we are equipping and sending more laborers for God’s global harvest from the U.S. as well as from the Global South. Since you gave, 41 new missionary candidates have attended orientation.

“I really enjoyed this time and though I left with a head packed full of info, I also left feeling refreshed and renewed for the ministry I am doing at home and excited for what is to come.” – U.S. missionary candidate

Training missionaries from the Global South

Pioneers in the Global South—which includes Asia, Africa and Latin America—are preparing to train and send more missionaries to spread the gospel both in their regions and beyond.

  • Pioneers-Africa will have two in-person trainings.
  • Pioneers-Egypt will have two in-person trainings.
  • A Pioneers base in East Asia will have one in-person training and three online trainings.

Spotlight: Pioneers in Asia

Several years ago, a Pioneers ministry in East Asia began mobilizing people from throughout the region to join existing Pioneers teams. In 2021, they sent their first nationally led East Asian team.

Pastor Osamu and his wife Drishi, well known in East Asia, felt called to reach the unreached in Central Asia. After joining Pioneers, they recruited some fellow East Asians to form a missionary team and departed for Central Asia.

In the first two months there, they secured housing, registered a non-profit and spent three days walking and praying through the capital city. It was a blessed start to their time in this unreached Muslim area.

“As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’” – Romans 10:15

Osamu and Drishti have been serving in Central Asia since 2021. Many of their team members have not been able to return to their home countries for two years due to COVID travel restrictions. Recently, they organized a missionary retreat to encourage their brothers and sisters who have been serving faithfully through the global pandemic.

We are thankful for partners like you who have stood with them during this challenging season.

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Take the Next Step

Help mobilize and support local missionaries around the world, creating a movement from all nations to all nations.

Is God leading you to share the gospel with those who have no access to it? Where do you start? See our timeline to the field.

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