Treasure in the Sierra Madre

Meeting physical and spiritual needs among the Tarahumara of Mexico



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June 2, 2015


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Check out this video, Treasure in the Sierra Madre: Like the buried treasure in the kingdom parable, the 120,000 Tarahumara people have remained hidden from the outside world for centuries.


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May 1, 2024

Serving among the Tarahumara

The Tarahumara are an isolated tribe that live in the rugged canyons of Northern Mexico. With the permission of the Mexican government, Pioneers* built a clinic staffed by a multicultural team composed of skilled medical professionals, pilots and literacy teachers from Mexico, Germany and the U.S. In a city about five hours’ drive away, another team reaches Tarahumara who have left the Sierra for work or medical care. In this video, we capture what life and ministry look like among the Tarahumara.

* Ameritribes missionaries built the clinic. In 2009, Ameritribes merged with Pioneers.

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  • 00:00 — A Tarahumara legend
  • 01:45 — A culture of fear
  • 02:20 — Building relationships through health care
  • 03:08 — Literacy and oral storytelling
  • 04:20 — Caring for Tarahumara in the city
  • 05:34 — The “big goal”

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