Arab World Media: Spring 2023 Update

Every day, more are finding peace

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March 31, 2023


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We are encouraged to report that through this ministry, 55 individuals from across the Arab world have professed faith since the beginning of the year. That is one new believer per day! Praise God for all He is doing across the region. 

One man’s story

“Baaqa” is one of these new believers. He is a young man who engaged with a media campaign our team has been developing for several years. One evening, while scrolling through his Facebook feed, Baaqa came across a short video clip about a North African Christian man. Curious, Baaqa followed the link to the full video. He was intrigued by his story of how Christ had changed the Christian man’s life and how he had stayed steadfast in his new faith, even when he was imprisoned for it. 

Baaqa reflected on his own faith, Islam. He believed he had been living as a good Muslim, fasting and praying. Yet, he never felt the same inner peace this North African man and his friends had spoken about. Instead, he felt empty. 

So, he decided to explore our Arabic website further and connected with our online response team. Elias, one of our online team members living in the same country as Baaqa, quickly got in touch. He spent time answering Baaqa’s many questions about theology and explained the differences between Islam and Christianity.  

During their conversation, Baaqa shared that he was feeling different. He felt a deep peace and reassurance unlike anything he had ever felt. He shared how wonderful it was to finally know that Christ is the way, the Truth and the life. Elias prayed with him, and Baaqa surrendered his life to the Lord. 

“This is a wonderful feeling! Indeed, Christ changes the lives and hearts of those who believe in Him, giving them peace!” – Baaqa

Media impact

  •  8,503 people have been in active contact with our responders. We are more than halfway to our goal of dialoguing with 12,000 men and women. 
  •  4,426 Bibles were downloaded or sent to seekers, and 59 people met face-to-face with our team members. 
  • These efforts have led to 206 people coming to faith in Christ, which means we are over halfway to our goal of 360!  

More than $281,000 has been given so far.   

This means:

  • We have had four new digital responders from Egypt, Algeria and the Middle East join the team! These men and women have been trained and are actively interacting in various capacities with people seeking God.
  • We are in developing at least three different videos and campaigns designed to connect with Arab women. Our biggest campaign will focus on trauma issues related to Arab women.  

Please pray

In several countries, we have faced significant challenges overcoming security issues to create and share compelling content. Please pray with us about this.  

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