Groundbreaking Discipleship Training in the Muslim World

What does it take to Pioneer?

When you hear the word pioneer, you may think of those who blaze new trails and go where others don’t, won’t or can’t. Pioneering missionaries may share the gospel and start new churches where there were none before. But often the picture is more complex.

A growing number of Pioneers missionaries find they can be most effective in advancing the gospel around the world by working behind the scenes. They seek to equip others for fruitful frontline ministry. They may serve in strategic partnerships under the leadership of a local pastor or network. And they often focus on coming alongside believers who share a vision to reach the least reached in their regions.

Preparing Arab Leaders for Ministry

One group works with Muslim-background believers primarily in North Africa, the Middle East, and other places with immigrant Muslim populations, especially Arabs. PALM offers Bible courses, discipleship and leadership training for people at all stages of Christian maturity. Each effort is tailored to a cultural context and addresses real challenges people from a Muslim background face in their journeys of faith. In addition, all the teaching is easily reproduced. This way believers can use the same materials to lead others to faith and maturity.

“For years, we have looked for a program like this,” a group of Arab Christians ministering to Saudi believers reported. “This is precisely what we need.”

Holy Spirit Moving Among the Fulani

Recently we’re praising God for what He’s doing through this ministry even among groups outside the traditional boundaries of the Arab world—among a people group called the Fulani.

Do you know about the Fulani? Considered the world’s largest nomadic people group, they are found in many countries across Western Africa and beyond. Most Fulani people are Muslims, and occult practices are also widespread among them. Many have been disenfranchised by their communities and as a result, are quite poor. So it is not surprising that the majority are illiterate.

During a week-long training, a group of Fulani women who follow Jesus or have expressed strong interest learned oral discipleship methods. These strategies are effective with both educated and uneducated people and are great for mixed groups. As the days went by, trainers saw the Lord use this course to speak into the hearts of the women and their families.

A trainer reports:

“At one point, we were talking about repentance. During the worship time that followed, all of the women felt convicted to kneel before God to sort out the hidden things in their lives. We witnessed how the Holy Spirit was transforming their hearts. It was incredibly moving. We were also encouraged to see several men participating.

“God deeply touched the husband of one of the women there. He told us that he had been a ‘friend of evil spirits,’ but that from now on he would leave all of that behind. At the end of the week, he decided to be baptized.”

Praise God for what He is doing! We pray these Fulani believers and seekers may continue drawing closer to Jesus and see their lives and hearts—as well as their communities—transformed by the Holy Spirit.

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