Opportunity: Provide Emergency Relief to the People of Sudan

In April, a war suddenly broke out on the streets of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. Hundreds of civilians were caught in the crossfire between two generals.

Groundbreaking Discipleship Training in the Muslim World

PALM is Pioneers ministry offering Bible courses, discipleship and leadership training for people at all stages of Christian maturity.

Trust & Obey: Identity and Reputation on the Mission Field

A Pioneers trained in health care found his credentials weren't enough. He had to patiently earn the community's trust. What would it take?

New Podcast Reveals Bishara’s Unexpected Journey

The Maverick Podcast explores the unexpected journeys of spiritual seekers as they buck cultural norms and religious expectations to follow Jesus.

Storytelling With Nomads

A Pioneer serving in the Arab world shares how she learned to become a storyteller and offers tips for telling stories from the Bible.

The Earth-Shattering Parable of the Prodigal Son

An African friend and I were talking when he suddenly said, “There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you. What is the story of the prodigal son?”

Trusting God in Times of Peril

Whether you serve close to home or in another country, you can’t promise your family you’ll always be safe. A Pioneer shares how he’s come to appreciate God’s presence in dangerous times and places.

Opportunity – Launch Teams

Launch teams are a landing place for new Pioneers to focus on language and culture and be mentored by a team of long-term church planters before they launch out to a new location.

A Ministry of Presence

Julie has noticed that in the context where she serves, just being present in the daily lives of her African friends, and especially at key events, speaks volumes.

The Cost of Conversion

In this West African culture where keeping the peace is everything, those who abandon their family religion may be shunned for years on end.

Photo Essay – Joy Springs

In the midst of the lack, the African has found joy and exuberance, says Eugene Yakohene, director of Pioneers-Africa. This joy springs from the inside.

Video – Joy Springs

Witness the exuberance and creativity of our brothers and sisters in the Pioneers-Africa movement—their unique challenges, context and perseverance.

Global Glimpses

Through the Global Glimpse, Pioneers worldwide share—in their own words—some of what they’ve seen in life and ministry. Each clip is less than five minutes long.