What about Raising Support?

In this article, part of a series on barriers to serving in missions, a Pioneer shares how he’s come to appreciate the privilege of raising support.

Trusting God When You Find You Have More to Lose

God gives great gifts to His kids. Like marriage. Children. Houses. Cash. When you realize one of these has become an idol keeping you from pursuing your mission vision, what then?

Can I Be A Missionary If _________?

Each year our mission mentors talk, text or exchange email with more than 2,000 people interested in missions. Recently we picked their brains about those conversations.

When God Says Go… But Not Yet

You’re thinking about a life overseas. Maybe you feel ready to sign up and get started. But God Himself seems to slow you down. Then what?

Serving Single

Millions of questions swirled in my head as I prepared for my move to North Africa. But the two that loomed largest were about singleness.

Partnership with the Local Church

I had spent years building community with the people in my church. Starting over seemed impossible. Would a church send someone overseas whom they only met a year or two ago?

Take Your Profession to the Unreached

Ever felt God tugging at your heart to GO and reach the nations? Perhaps one of the things you thought about was, “What about my career?”

How to Follow Jesus (and Honor your Father and Mother)

Sensing God calling you to something crazy, but, in the immortal words of Will Smith, parents just don’t understand?