Photo Essay – Scenes from Mongolia

Come with us for a visit with Mongolian and Kazakh nomads. Learn about their way of life and ask yourself what it would be like to live among them.

Photo Essay – Traditional Carpet Weaving

Want to show people love even when you don't know the language? Learn to appreciate their traditions. A photographer captures images of weavers in Morocco.

Photo Essay – Girls & Women at Work

How would you pray for these women? What do you think their needs, hopes and fears might be? What qualities might they bring to the Church?

Photo Essay – Life in a Fishing Village in Southeast Asia

Life in a coastal fishing village—in Southeast Asia, or really, anywhere—can be both rugged and refreshing. Can you picture God at work here?

Photo Essay – Punjab and the Sikhs

Punjab Province is one of South Asia's wealthiest regions and the homeland of the Sikhs, one of the area’s most recognizable and self-confident minorities.

Photo Essay – Streets of Bangkok, Thailand

Wanderlust—or a passion for the nations—got you longing to travel? Make a virtual visit to a busy, East Asian city: Bangkok, Thailand. See yourself there?

Photo Essay – Streets of Japan

Let’s take a closer look at what it means to be Japanese, today. How might what we see shape our prayers and our strategies for building relationships with the Japanese?

Photo Essay – North Africa

What would you see in a North African city or town? Come with us on a virtual tour from the mosque and the market to the bakery, café and classroom.

Photo Essay – Remembering What God Has Done

“God didn’t say, ‘Go into all the world where you can get a missionary visa.’ He just said, ‘Go into all the world.’” (Ted Fletcher)

Photo Essay – Bolivia

Pioneers Greg and Alex have put more than 50,000 audio gospels into the hands of Quechua people. These are photos of the people they met on a recent trip into the mountains.

Photo Essay – Rohingya

The Rohingya, a Muslim people group, have fled their Buddhist-majority Myanmar because of persecution. Pioneers are responding to this refugee crisis with practical help and hope.

Photo Essay – Joy Springs

In the midst of the lack, the African has found joy and exuberance, says Eugene Yakohene, director of Pioneers-Africa. This joy springs from the inside.

Photo Essay – European Refugee Crisis

Pioneers on the ground in Europe are doing their best to help meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs while refugees are in transit.

Photo Essay – Is Europe Unreached?

Why should an organization like Pioneers send missionaries to a continent where 70.8% of the population are reportedly professing Christians?

Photo Essay – Tarahumara

A Pioneers team composed of Mexican nationals, Germans and Americans serves the Tarahumara with healthcare and literacy with the goal of seeing an indigenous church emerge.

Photo Essay – Siberia

Paul and Cassie have made their home among the indigenous people groups of Siberia since 2006. They long to see many churches planted through their work in discipleship and translation.

Photo Essay – Sumatra, Indonesia

Known in ancient times as Swarnabhumi, “Land of Gold,” Sumatra has a wealth of history and is rich in tradition. Take a closer look at this island and its people.