From the Field: Creative Compassion, Part 2

Many missionaries are unable to minister face-to-face, however, as always, the Lord has been moving. New opportunities have opened up during lockdown.

From the Field: Creative Compassion

Missionaries and believers around the world are finding creative ways to serve their neighbors and share the gospel with people looking for hope. Here are their stories.

Five Ways to Pray for Missionaries

Many missionaries are well acquainted with isolation, shortages, fear and uncertainty. But that doesn’t make make facing these challenges easier. Here are five ways to pray.

Caring for Missionaries in Light of COVID-19 

COVID-19 is shaping all our lives right now. We're making every effort to care for Pioneers missionaries during this time of uncertainty.

St. Patrick and the Great Commission

We ask God to raise up more people like Patrick, people compelled by the Great Commission to share the gospel with those at the ends of the earth.

Check the Trash!

Reaching the unreached. Raising kids overseas. And raising funds. All things God uses to lead us to lean on Him, and sometimes they’re connected. Here's one Pioneer's God story.

Travels with Paul: On Mission in an Uncertain World

Today’s missionaries should strive to be like the Apostle Paul: clear on the message, bold, willing to suffer, focused and tenacious.

Why Not You? Why Not Now?

There are two fundamental obstacles to moving forward in mission: We don’t know if we are the right people for the task, and we don’t know where we fit.

Discerning Your Calling

A voice may sound from heaven and call you to a specific ministry, but we have met very few for whom this was their on-ramp for missions. For most of us, it is a more gradual process of discernment.

Is “Lost” a Four-Letter Word?

Should we even use the word “lost” to describe people who do not yet know Christ as Savior? Where does the term come from?

Aren’t There People Who Need the Gospel in My Own Neighborhood?

Some people have less access to the gospel of Jesus Christ than others. Significantly less. Embarrassingly less. Here's what I mean...

Article – What Is Church Planting?

Church planting is central to Pioneers. Our mission statement and core values make that clear. But how does this priority work itself out on the ground?

Pioneers Answers 21 Questions

How do you find a mission agency that’s a good fit for you? Here’s how Pioneers would answer 21 important and frequently asked questions.

21 Questions to Ask a Mission Agency

How do you pick a mission agency? Depends what’s important to you. But to help you get started, consider these 21 questions to ask a mission agency.

Personality of a Movement

Steve Richardson reflects on the eight core values that shape the unique, God-given personality of Pioneers and help us establish churches in diverse and difficult places.

The Relentless Challenge Giveaway

Celebrate our anniversary with us! Enter a drawing to win a pound of fair-trade coffee, an insulated mug to drink it in and a journal and pen to record your world-changing dreams.

Learn about Muslims and Islam

Is God calling you to serve in the Muslim world or among Muslims close to home? Go prepared.

IT Guys (and Gals) Have Advantages

IT and missions are such a great fit! Read how John uses his IT skills to bring needed resources to his host community in Asia.

Adopt an International Restaurant

Immigrant ministry doesn’t have to be boring. It can be fun, tasty and practical. Follow these tips to find unreached people in your community.

Stories of God at Work

We asked Pioneers around the world, “How are you seeing God’s relentless pursuit of the unreached in your context?” See what they had to say.

Putting Feelings into Words

Is there a missionary or a missionary kid in your life? Here are a few questions you can ask that may help them put their feelings into words.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

While most of us don’t like to share our most-embarrassing moments, those who are willing to give others a laugh at their own expense may reap surprising benefits.

Photo Essay – Bolivia

Pioneers Greg and Alex have put more than 50,000 audio gospels into the hands of Quechua people. These are photos of the people they met on a recent trip into the mountains.

Before You Go

Your support is raised. Your bags are packed. You’re heading out for your first term as a newly minted missionary. What are you forgetting?

Encountering the World of Islam

A Muslim came through her short-term team's clinic, the first Muslim Rachel had ever met. Rachel prayed for him but realized she had no idea how her words might sound to him.

Dreams and Stolen Gospels

Sick and desperate, she called out to Jesus for healing. And He showed up. Later she found that God had already been speaking to her husband.

Five Struggles & Joys of Missionary Life

We asked Pioneers working among unreached people groups about the struggles and joys that come with the territory.

Opportunity – Seven Mission Jobs You Haven’t Heard of

There’s a widely accepted myth in the world of mission that needs to be busted. It is this… all missionaries are preachers. Actually, many do very different jobs.

Would You Eat These 10 Foods for the Gospel?

We asked Pioneers around the world, apart from the many delicious and exotic food experiences, what were the strangest textures, fragrances and tastes they have encountered.

Survey Trip

Nothing can eliminate all the surprises, twists and turns that come with a cross-cultural move, but visiting the field before you go can really help.